Profile and mission

Faucon-Éduc or Falcon-Ed (BEAK) is the educational program of Falcon Environmental, inc. (FALCON), a company specializing in the art of modern falconry, training birds of prey, reproducing them for conservation and re-release, for ecological control of nuisance birds, for educational presentations, free-flying bird shows and film. To learn more about FES, visit our main site.

We at FES believe that even a privately owned company can do its part to aid in conservation and education. Created in 1989 by young environmentally conscious entrepreneurs with a passion for falconry and birds of prey, FES has grown and succeeded in becoming a well recognized leader in its field, in Quebec and abroad.

BEAK is an acronym that best describes what we do since our presentations center on Birds of prey and their Environment, promote Awareness and allow us to share our Knowledge with photos, artefacts and live birds.

Program objectives:

  • To bridge the gap between students and their natural environment;
  • To encourage environmental awareness and respect by introducing live birds of prey;
  • To demonstrate the impact that humans have on wildlife and ecosystems.

Methods used to reach these objectives:

  • Present live, trained birds of prey in the classroom;
  • Display educational material such as naturalized artefacts, images, multimedia;
  • Encourage interaction between the students and the educator.